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I • Am • Enough

I was blessed with an inspirational workshop about "Ecodharma" a couple of weeks ago. The instructor, Dr. David Loy, made a strong case about the ecological as well as the societal crisis in the modern world: our poisonous economic system, in which human greed has been institutionalized, is driving us down a dangerous path. The non-stop advertisement in our daily life is constantly feeding our endless craving for more and more and more -- more food, more clothes, more money, more fame, more love, more everything.

BUT, do we really need that much? How much do we NEED to feed our bodies in order to survive? Maybe not as much as we think. How much, on the other hand, do we WANT to feed our bodies in order to satisfy our craving? Maybe we will never be satisfied, if we continue to refuse awakening from "our preoccupation with ever-increasing production and consumption.”

That being said, if we just take a second and separate ourselves from our craving for simply consuming, we will realize that we have enough in the things we need to feed our sacred bodies existing in this world at this time.

We have enough..... I AM ENOUGH.


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