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Terri Bedford

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Vibrational UPgrade System Master Practitioner
Grand Dragon Master Level • Usui Reiki Master
Doctor of Physical Therapy • Manual Therapy Certified

Terri's own words....

I am a Vibrational UPgrade System energy medicine and applied mindfulness Master Practitioner trained by and Grand Dragon Master level attuned by the founder of Vibrational UPgrade, Dr. Alison J. Kay. I help people who feel unfulfilled and uninspired or stuck in their lives to connect to their heart and fully live the life that they desire. I help to restore the body, mind, and spirit balance by the flow of universal life force energy to the tissues and chakras or energy centers of the body. During a session, I direct the targeted Vibrational UPgrade energy into the chakras which then flows to the body tissues and into the cellular memory of the tissues. Subconscious and unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, and traumas that limit us are able to be cleared out and brought into the conscious mind where permanent behavior changes through the retraining of the mind takes place. Activations are created so that healing takes place to move you into living the life you desire, living from the heart and
living in the freedom of possibility focus rather than problem focus.

In general, these sessions at the very least can help to release stress, improve sleep, release emotions, promote health and wellbeing, enhance the immune system, assist with pain management and assist in the body’s natural healing process.

Treating yourself to a package of 3 energy medicine sessions may improve your sleep, help you become less triggered, feel more peaceful and calm, feel more clear, and feel more energized.

Treating yourself to a package of 10 sessions, we can get your energy system shifted at an unconscious and subconscious level by clearing out the blocks so that you may find yourself beginning to shift into the “new” you opening up new possibilities for
CHOOSING your life and heart’s desires.


If you experience muscular or joint pain then by combining Vibrational UPgrade energy medicine and manual therapy/myofascial release as a physical therapist, I can accelerate the resolution of chronic aches and pain or ailments by the clearing out of the blockages in the chakras that occur from unconscious or subconscious thoughts and beliefs that over time that have resulted in the physical
manifestation of these exact chronic aches and pains.

Special Event : 
Getting in tune with your pelvic floor and in flow with your sacral chakra
Saturday May 4th, 2024 1:00pm at LotusVoice

Contact Information

(517) 295-3544 •

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