"I have been going to Ginger for deep tissue massage for several years and find her to be truly exceptional. Recently I was given the opportunity to try her CranioSacral Therapy (CST). The experience truly exceeded my expectations. I have gotten massages for years and have never fallen asleep like some people do. The CST session was so deeply relaxing that I fell asleep and even snored! I felt like I had taken a pill for relaxation, all my anxiety was gone afterwards, I felt a tremendous sense of inner peace. Additionally Ginger was able to ‘read’ my body issues which I think will further inform her massages. I highly recommend CranioSacral Therapy and hope to try it again in the future in addition to massage." 

-- Ellen, Long-time Satisfied Client trying CST (December 2020)



"I've been seeing Ginger on and off for 4 years. My mother is a monthly client for the last five years. Both of us adore Ginger and her abilities. She is one of the first therapists that actually solves my lower back and tension headache problems. As for my mother, she has received massages specific to breast cancer recovery, which were a god-send during her recovery. I can't express enough gratitude for Ginger's skill and compassion over these past years."

-- Eric, Satisfied Client  (June  2020)

"Ginger Yang was recommended to me by a highly regarded physician who does osteopathic manipulation on my back and neck. Ginger spent considerable time and thought getting to know my body and the areas that need extra attention. She is an exceptional massage therapist who does very deep tissue work. I give her my highest recommendation, she is very pleasant and professional."

~Ellen, Long-time Client 

"I Love LotusVoice! Ginger has been a wonderful massage therapist. She is truly concerned about your well being. I started seeing her when I had some very specific pain. But I keep going back because it is so relaxing! Recently, I discovered some classes that are held there. So far, it has been great!"

~Larry , Satisfied Client 

"I have been receiving regular massage therapy for almost 20 years and was very pleased with my recent massage from Ginger. She was sensitive to my needs and it was a very good experience. I am delighted to have LotusVoice in the neighborhood."

~Dena, Satisfied Senior

"I have received massages for over 50 years in various countries and within the USA. Last week I had a massage with Ginger and it ranked with the finest massages I have experienced. I found Ginger to be compassionate, warm, caring, and technically proficient. For a safe, kind, and welcoming massage center, try LotusVoice. An amazing experience!"

~Anonymous, Practicing Psychologist

"I recently experienced my first massage with Ginger. She took great care during our time together to not only review my extensive health history but also made sure that I was completely comfortable and at ease. She is deeply compassionate, gentle, and knowledgeable and it shows through her meticulous client care.  I cannot recommend her services enough and look forward to our monthly sessions together."

~Anonymous, Licensed Therapist

"The gong is an amazing instrument! Feeling the deep waves of sound wash over me erases mental fatigue and leaves me with a glorious sense of space and tranquility. Immersing my body in the vibrations of the gong is like a needed vacation for my entire spirit. I always receive such immense restoration."

~Hannah, Gong Immersion Participant

"My wife has been going to these things [sound baths] for months. She always comes home feeling happy and relaxed and told me that I needed to start going with her because I am often grumpy and irritable. I went thinking that it would appease her and she would let me off the hook in the future. 

To my happy surprise, I found them to be really worthwhile and now I understand why she loves them and goes whenever she can. Betty creates so many amazing sounds coming and going all around the room; it was a super relaxing experience and I slept like a baby that night. Something I had been struggling with since switching shifts at work. Guys, if your wife asks you to do this with her in the future, don't argue - say YES! I cannot wait to do this again."

~Randy, Soundbath Participant

Thank you for your willingness, efforts, and patience in helping me find positions that I could comfortably rest in for short periods of time. You showed me that it is still possible to feel deep relaxation and that my body wants to able to open up and release. It's been a very long time since I felt that supported and cared for, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude.

~Phyllis, Vibrational Sound Therapy Client

"I recently experienced a sudden loss of someone very important to me in life.  A friend recommended I try Reiki and referred me to Betty.  I have met with her on several occasions and she has brought me such comfort and peace during this difficult time of bereavement.  I leave each session feeling like I have been held in such love and grace and it has made all the difference in my overall well-being.  I am deeply grateful." 

~Catherine, Usui Reiki Client

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