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Darcy Shin Ae

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Darcy Shin Ae is a graduate of the Flint School of Therapeutic Massage. She has been a pharmacist since 1996 and a twenty-plus-year yoga practitioner. Her background blends an understanding of the physical body by traditional medicine complemented with eastern philosophy.

She believes massage soothes the nervous system & restores physical and mental imbalances in today's busy world. Massage is an unwinding modality to promote overall wellbeing and health. She will listen and be receptive to your individual needs so you experience the benefits of healing touch and safe therapeutic massage. She has been trained in Swedish, trigger point, myofascial, prenatal, sports, shiatsu, hot stones, cupping, aromatherapy, facial massage, reflexology & Reiki master.

Contact Information

Phone: 517.580.9250


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