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I am a healer, and I watch my diet!

"Is it part of a practitioner's job to exhibit a healthy lifestyle? Why?" In their July/August 2019 issue of “Massage & Bodywork” magazine, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) asked their members this question and published the responses. As you can imagine, the responses varied: 50% said yes while the other 50% said no for a number of reasons

Here is my answer.

Should I, as a practitioner, exhibit a healthy lifestyle? Absolutely! Why? Because I am a whole-person-centered healer. Not only do I try to fix the problems of a broken body, but I also try to solve the puzzle of what might be the root of the physical pain. The idea of the connection between mind, body, and spirit is scientifically proven and for sure applies to my own livelihood. As a practitioner, I see myself as a model for my clients. I believe in practicing what I share, exhibiting a healthy lifestyle to show the importance of self-care as well as providing a sense of discipline. When clients come to me with chaotic minds, seeking to ground themselves and relaxation, my sense of discipline and spirit of self-care create a safety net and hold the space for them. I am part of the intervention; I become part of the healing environment.

Last but not least, all the elements in the healing process, including the therapist and the clients, are interchanging energy constantly. The healthier energy I have, the more positive impact I have on my clients. My positive energy, in turn, also shields and protects myself from the return of energy I sense from my clients. With these elements, the transformation of my clients and myself will be unfolded.


I am a healer; I lead a healthy lifestyle, and I watch my diet!!

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