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The day M passed away....

For the past three weeks, I feel I have been in a theater, watching a well-staged show, while also actively involved in the production. I was observing the process of a human body’s decaying and the various karmic interactions surrounding the process…..

M, indeed, picked a perfect date and time to get on her journey to Pure Land, the warmest winter day in Michigan with the perfect time for friends to say goodbye. That morning, I woke up around 4:20 am, checking if there was any news. No news, so I went back to sleep. The next time I fully awake around 6:30 am, I found that M passed at 4:15 am…. I knew she came to say goodbye before she left off….. I meant to help out with “after death chanting”, but when I got there around 7:30 am, I couldn’t help but cry and I knew it was no good for her to hear my sobbing, so I left. I went to visit a new hospice patient in a facility. The visit was a success and that made me feel better ( I am always nervous to meet a new patient anyway). Before I left the building, I ran into a therapy dog in the elevator. She was a beautiful husky with all the qualities of a therapy dog that should be asked for. The minute we looked at each other, she came to me and circled around me once, then allowed me to pad her head….. Oh,

how animals can sense a person’s grieving better than a human being?! I came back to M’s house before the chanting ended. I kneeled down and chanted with my Dharma friends from LBA for 30 minutes without any tear in my eyes. I knew M has finished her “Great Matter” and off to her Pure Land. And I, on the other hand, will continue my learning in this Samsara world….

Thank you my co-workers at HOL! Thank you as well, my Dharma Teachers and friends!! I am fine and wish you a beautiful day!

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