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Beyond Social Distancing

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

March 19, 2020 --

A newsletter to LotusVoice clients

Just a matter of 10 days since I voluntarily disinfected LotusVoice on 3/8, the world has been turned upside down. With the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) being categorized a pandemic disease and the Governor Whitmer’s executive order placed on 3/17, all the group classes, events and workshops offered at LotusVoice has been suspended. The instructors and I will follow the guidelines and monitor the situation carefully to make sure the impacts for the community as well as for the businesses would be minimal. As for the appointments offered by each individual therapists using the treatment rooms, it’s therapists' choice to either suspend or continue their practices WITH PRECAUTIONS. After all, we are all independently-owned businesses and each therapist handle their own clients-related services. Please contact your own therapist to arrange your appointments. That being said, as the owner of the LotusVoice building, I would kindly ask each one of you, who choose to keep up their appointments, to follow the guidelines stated here:

  1. Please don’t enter the building if you develop any symptoms of sickness, such as fever, sneezing, coughing ... etc.

  2. Please don’t enter the building if you had travel history for the past 14 days via airports, train stations, bus transits and any other public transportation.

  3. For the therapists, please consider to reschedule your elderly clients and with clients with chronic disease or compromised immunity. They are the most vulnerable populations and need to have extra protection.

  4. For the therapists, please wipe down any surface and door handles which you think might be used during your sessions and practice personal hygiene even more diligently.

I believe for all of us, this level of chaos in our lives is unthinkable. Please take care of yourself. It is a good time to change your daily habits and try to do everything to boost your immune system by eating healthy exercising more and balancing your life! And remember “WE ARE ON THE SAME BOAT AND WE ARE GOING TO GO THROUGH THIS CRAZINESS TOGETHER”. The bottom line is we want to protect everybody physically and mentally amidst this crisis, in the hope that each one of us would not only survive, but also evolve to a better person to our fellow humans and a better species to our Mother nature, when this is all over.   Stay healthy and Be well, my friends! Let us know how we can help you!! Ginger Owner and Therapist at LotusVoice

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