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Nicole Dingwell

Nicole Dingwell

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Nicole Dingwell, LMSW, CAADC,  CSAT-S, RYT200, is a therapist specializing in addiction and trauma recovery. She is also an RYT200 yoga practitioner and instructor.

Nicole's own words....

"I never thought I’d be on a yoga mat.  Five years ago I underwent a life-changing procedure to get my life back.  I lost 160 pounds.  There have been complications along the way, but I am able to do what I want to do on and off my mat.  I have a life that I love and yoga has become a part of that. Being a caretaker by nature and a leader, I needed something regular added into my self-care that would not only nourish me physically but spiritually and emotionally as well.  I work a lot, and in my day job as a trauma and addiction therapist, I care a lot. 

I didn’t intend to teach yoga, I went into yoga teacher training to deepen my practice because I was so curious about what more yoga had to offer.  I found so much I became determined to teach others and bring them the gift of yoga as well.  I absolutely love a yoga asana practice in a group when the energy is flowing and thick, and we all move into a meditative state connected and healing".

About Yin Yoga 

Other styles of yoga target the muscles and help with strength and mobility. Yin is very grounding and sometimes referred to as “Earth Yoga” because all of the postures are done close to the earth while practicing stillness and awareness without judgment (Mindfulness). This practice concentrates on the hips, low back, and sacrum and helps bring balance to our busy, fast-paced lives by training us to slow down and let go. Yin targets the joints where the bones are connected by ligaments (super strong, dry, plastic tissue). Therefore, it is necessary to hold each posture for a minimum of three minutes in order to create any change. Many things may occur during this holding; emotions rise up, memories appear, thoughts stream in, sensations get stronger. By not reacting to these things we are given an opportunity to cultivate deep inner peace, concentration and a deeper connection to our true nature".

Contact Information

Phone: 517.897.0714


Yin Yoga Classes at LotusVoice 

Sundays, 4:00-5:00PM

Class schedule and registration

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