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Shanell Cleaveland


Shanell Cleaveland, Certified Reiki Master in Usui and Kundalini Reiki techniques. Intuitive energy healer, tarot reader, and practitioner of energy readings. She has been practicing Reiki consistently for 2 years but has worked with energy and in spirit for 7 years. She is skilled in connecting to a person's energy and exploring their ailments that have caused physical pains or trauma. She is able to remove the trauma and heal both physical and emotional being. She lives a very holistic lifestyle and is very passionate about the energy of the earth and both physical and spiritual well being. She is always happy to meet new faces and connected to like-minded souls who know or want to know more, about working with spirit and with energy. She is patient in her healing and gives the person what they need to heal and discover the benefits of self-love and self-care. She works from the heart and pours herself fully into her work and into helping others discover their real being and their purpose in life.

Among other things, she is a teacher of the Reiki methods and also teachers a variety of classes on crystal healing, connecting to your spiritual side, and how to perform Reiki. She is patient, kind and very easy to work with. When she is not practicing Reiki and teaching, she is enjoying the physical activity of training for Triathlons and being in the gym. She has 3 dogs who are her joy!

You can find her on facebook at Message her for more information on her services.

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