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Why I Love Yoga: I love yoga because of how it makes me feel! I am more in-tune with my body and have added better breath control and concentration into my everyday life.

Training: Starting in September 2008, I accomplished my first yoga certification through YogaFit. By 2009, I was teaching a couple of classes a week within the greater Lansing community and continually working on further certifications. I have completed my 200 hour RYT through YogaFit and Yoga Alliance.

What I Want to Share with Yoga Students: Become an explorer, like me. I have been practicing yoga for the last 13 years and it is a life-style changer. I joined a class with one of my best friends and never looked back. Before practicing yoga once a week, I was experiencing lower back pain from sitting behind a desk, had no abdominal strength, and was unbalanced and weak in the upper body (from hunching over a computer). Since then, I am pain free and I have found a fabulous journey. I look forward to sharing my passion with you and may we continue the journey together!

Contact information: popinsyoga@outlook.com