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Phil Howard is a Somatic Movement Coach, currently in training as a Clinical Somatic Educator. He discovered Hanna Somatics after experiencing severe sciatic pain, diagnosed as a bulging disc (L5/S1). He found somatic movements, which go "beyond stretching," to be far more effective than other pain management approaches - they addressed the root cause, not just the symptoms. After a few months of practicing Hanna Somatics his lower back and leg pain was gone, he measured half an inch taller, and regained movement in his left hip that had been limited for more than two decades. ‚Äč

He also has a PhD in rural sociology, and teaches food-related courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. 

Phil works in the Lansing, Michigan area. To schedule an appointment or contact him, email phil.howard@zoho.com or text (517) 258-6471.

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