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About Karen ~

Karen received her massage therapy certification from The Flint School of Therapeutic Massage in 2004, became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2003, received her nutritional coaching certification from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition in 2016, and authored the book, Heal Yourself Deliciously, in 2017. Over the years, Karen became very attuned to the body, and has developed a method of massage that zeroes in on the causation of pain and discomfort, and works to release it as quickly and as gently as possible. Karen works in close communication with her clients, so that they control the pressure based on their own personal pain threshold, degree of tissue damage, and desire to heal. She calls this method Targeted Tissue Release. Through years of meditation practice, as well as working with the biofield and energy waves that physicists call the field, Karen’s ability to draw high frequencies of energy for healing has developed into a rare gift. She uses intuition, feedback from her clients, and energy sensations to determine which of the various healing tools and modalities she will use at any given moment such as healing touch, panic healing and sound therapy. She calls this method Ascension Healing. Previous to becoming a massage therapist and energy practitioner, Karen was the Associate Director of Disability Network Michigan. Her experience working with people with disabilities helped fuel her desire to help others. She brings the 12 years of experience and knowledge she gained while working in the disability field to her current practice. Karen has taught dozens of Reiki classes, and has developed a new 10 week program that includes in-depth hands-on training focused on feeling and working with energy, and incorporates several modalities, including Reiki, Healing Touch, Rising Star, Pranic Healing, Qigong, breath work, and sound healing. This program will be offered 3 - 4 times a year. Watch the calendar to see when the next 10 week program starts, or contact Karen directly at karen@kares.me or call her at 517-974-5338 Nearly 30 years ago Karen taught dance aerobics up until she gave birth to her children. While recently trying out new and different ways to stay fit, Karen decided that she enjoyed the old fashioned dance aerobics she used to teach, so she has started choreographing a new routine. She then decided to design it specifically for the older woman who might not know how to start an exercise regimen, may feel intimidated by gyms, and who might have trouble keeping up with the current modern classes that are available. Women will be able to have fun while working out, and feel comfortable with whatever body type or fitness level they currently have. Future class days and times are still to be determined.