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Class info:Yin Yoga is practiced to help bring more balance into our life. For many we live a very fast paced life style, as well as incorporate more strength and speed based exercise to our routines. To maintain a healthy balance of Yin and Yang within it is helpful to slow down, practice stillness, to allow softness and openness into our daily activity. Yin Yoga helps to increase mindfulness and flexibility by holding postures for longer periods of time.This is primarily done from a seated position and props (blocks/blankets/bolsters/straps) are used to assist practitioners to safely relax and hold postures so the connective tissues can be released. This class is great for beginners, daily practitioners, runners, lifters, and/or anyone who would like more hip flexibility.

*** Pre-registration is required, minimum of 5 participants required, all funds refunded if class is cancelled***

Price per class: $15
All four classes: $48

A short bio: Jess received her Bachelors in Psychology in 2008 then worked in the Behavioral Health & Case management fields for almost 10yrs. In 2015 Jess attended her first Ghosh lineage Hatha Yoga class and immediately fell in love with the practice. October of 2016 she graduated from the Raja Yoga Academy, has the 500-RYT Yoga Alliance Credential, and since has taught nearly 1000hrs. During this time Jess also coordinated the Karma Yoga program at BYCA, started a daily meditation practice, became certified in Yin Yoga, and teaches Children’s Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation for Woldumar Nature Center’s summer camp program twice a week. Her passion is continuing to learn about the many styles of Hatha yoga and sharing this love with all those interested in her teaching.

To contact Jess call 734-620-1256 or email at jessmbeckman@gmail.com