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4994 Park Lake Rd. East Lansing,  MI 48823  (across from Foods 4 Living)

About Ginger ~ 

Ginger Yang is a board-certified music therapist and licensed massage therapist. She received her degree in music therapy from Michigan State University in 2010 and her massage therapy certification from Lansing Community College in 2012. Since March 2010, Ginger has been graced with the privilege to serve hospice patients and their families as a music therapist and later massage therapist with local hospice agencies. Ginger continues to take continuing educations for both music and massage therapies and to learn from her patients and clients each day. Her focus is on whole-person-care, in order to bring healing to all aspects of the client’s life.

Ginger’s longtime dream to open her own private practice became reality in 2013 when she established LotusVoice Integrative Therapies, LLC, offering complementary and integrative therapeutic treatments to encourage and support physical and mental health wellness. In addition to Ginger’s specialties in music therapy and massage therapy, LotusVoice has recruited practitioners to provide Tai-chi, Yoga, meditation, different bodyworks, sound healing and a variety of classes and workshops related to complementary and alternative medicine.

With more non-conventional therapeutic modalities available, LotusVoice assists you in exploring the possibilities for achieving your optimum health. At LotusVoice, you will learn how to listen to your body and your mind, and to bridge the differences, find the balance and make peace with yourself.

Ginger Yang is a board-certified music therapist since 2010 and a Michigan licensed massage therapist since 2012.