Betty Gauthier

Betty Gauthier


Founder of Gentle Earth Sound Therapy and Holistic Wellness, Betty Gauthier is a certified sound therapy practitioner, Vipassana meditation teacher, Breathwork teacher, Yoga Nidra teacher, and Usui Reiki Master. The essence of her work is about helping those she meets to establish and maintain a lasting connection in body, mind, and spirit. As a practitioner, she is deeply passionate about Eastern philosophy and holistic pathways and she implements her experience as a Trauma-Informed facilitator in all aspects of client care and well-being. Betty's work radiates from the heart and her sincerest desire is to offer support and inspiration to all who are looking for ways to restore balance and harmony in life. She comes from a place of non-judgment and unconditional love, ready to meet all beings where they are on their own journey while holding space for limitless possibilities. With deep light and gratitude, she bows to all with whom she has the distinction of walking alongside.


Betty is certified, insured, and registered with the Vibrational Sound Association and with the Shimbumi International Reiki Association. In every aspect of her practice, she upholds the vision, mission, and philosophy of both professional associations and strictly adheres to their Codes of Conducts and Ethics. These memberships show that she operates at the highest of standards in all facets of client and community care. Betty's private work takes place both in her home studio and in her office in East Lansing. She is pleased to facilitate monthly sound offerings, workshops, and classes here at Lotus Voice Integrative Therapies. 

While community service resonates with her deeply, it is Betty's personal and spiritual practices that allow her to continue to show up for herself and others. Mindfulness has been an integral part of her life, exploring her own meditation practice rooted in Buddhism for over 20 years. Sparked by Thich Nhat Hanh's The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching, in 2008, Betty decided to take the precepts and her refuge vow (a formal commitment to the Buddhist Path) in the Lieu Quan lineage. Her Dharma name is Collective Embrace of the Source. When not doing therapy work, you can find Betty hiking national parks with her best friend and husband of 34 years, running the trails with her canine companion Edison, enjoying sitting/walking meditation, practicing yoga, or playing one of many instruments in her Michigan home. Betty is also currently working toward her RYT® 200-hour certification under the thoughtful guidance of Misty Belous.   


I am reminded that almost everything we do is a calculated risk. We take a risk when we drive, fly, exercise, eat, play, share space, and so on; we always have. Some people do not have the luxury to call COVID-19 a calculated risk because, for some, it is much more serious than that. I hold this knowledge close to my heart as I move forward. 

As expected, there has been a slew of new protocols implemented to provide the safest environment possible for everyone scheduling private appointments.  These practices, procedures, and policies are informed by the advisement of the CDC, industry experts, and the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as outlined in current epidemic orders.

You can read my full COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan here. These are practices, procedures, and policies that show I take safety measures seriously. YOUR CONTINUED HEALTH AND SAFETY REMAIN MY FIRST PRIORITY!

Betty’s Specialties

Singing Bowl Therapy

Gong Therapy

Monochord Therapy

Biofield Tuning

Usui Reiki

Sound Bath Meditation and Gong Immersion

Vipassana Guided Meditation

Yoga Nidra

Contact Information for Scheduling

Phone: 517.927.4866



Sound Bath Meditation and Gong Immersion at LotusVoice


The following COVID-19 group event policies are now in effect:

  • Participants must be pre-registered for events; regretfully, walk-ins cannot be accommodated.

  • Required use of face-coverings; guests can not be admitted to events without in place prior to entry.

  • Please use the practice of personal accountability, as far as health goes. This is a socially distant responsible event.

  • Please bring a mat and any additional supports you would like for your comfort (blankets, pillows, bolster, eye pillow, etc).

Read Gentle Earth Sound Therapy's full COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan here. Please know that we reserve the right to adjust our event schedule based on concerns related to COVID-19.

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