LotusVoice integrative Therapies offer a variety of non-conventional modalities that can supplement the client's medical treatments and assist with reaching his/her optimum health. The focus is on whole-person care, in order to bring healing to all aspects of the clients life. Integrative Therapies are patient-centered, emphasizing the active role of the client as an informed and empowered partner; therapists are facilitators, who are there to expedite the process of achieving the client's overall a balance of Body, Mind & Spirit.

Massage & Bodywork 

Ginger Y.


Patricia G. 

Kristi C.  

Eileen P.


Prenatal Yoga : Janet M
Gentle flow Yoga: Tracy D

Taichi :  Wanshen C.

Meditation : Kurt S.

Body Rolling : Kristi C.

Other Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Julianne R.

Joyce Wang